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Miniature Circuit Breaker Semi-Automatic Testing Line

Function introduction

The equipment consists of riveting unit, 32 positions semi-automatic calibration unit, instant testing unit, high voltage test unit, transfer printing and other units. It is used to debug and test all the functions of MCB.

The test current of the debug equipment can automatically compensate the current according to the different environment, so that the equipment can operate normally at 0-50 ℃. The whole mechanical structure is designed reasonably, the mechanical strength is high, and the maintenance is simple.

Component unit

Equipment parameter


The equipment adopts modular design, touching HMI, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The equipment uses high-precision servo system and visual inspection system, which greatly improves the production efficiency and ensure the quality of the product.

The equipment has the characteristics of accurate operation, stable performance, manual saving, green energy saving and so on.

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