Company Profile


Tailored solutions

KESU is engaged in offering complete tailor-made solutions for automated system engineering design, equipment manufacturing, system integration, software & hardware development, installation and training.


Focus On Every Detail

KESU concentrates on every detail from mechanical structure design to components purchase, processing and assembly, system debugging and testing. 


Modular design

The whole system is of standard modular design with individual control system which can run separately or integrated into the whole assembly line. The equipment has the versatility of interchangeable gripper for... 


Network Control System

The system forms an entire network on which the equipment running status and production details could be monitored. The system provides human-machine interface displaying real time production information for safe and easy operation.  



Company Culture 

Talent policy

Adhere to the internal training strategy: Recognize, Commend, Use, Respect and Cultivate Talents.

Core values

Customer First, Work hard and perseveringly, Sapientia Achieve yourself and others.

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